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Sunday, December 18 | 11:19 PM | 0 Talking ♥

Hai Assalammualakum gais!

Now we are in the season of graduation so you all need to know some tips before joinig your big event! So today I wanna share a few tips while attend the convocation! I will share based on my recently experience.


Firstly, before get the JUBAH you gais need to answer some questionnaire prepared by the Keementerian, if im not mistaken to confirm that you've completed our study, Questionnaires should be printed to confirm that you have done all the questionnaires and also print out everything that necessary as per instruct by the adviser during the convocation day and during the day you want to take out your JUBAH! :) If you don't want to miss out something than you may check with your friends or your adviser. You gais will get the JUBAH 2-3 days before the convocation days. So you can take a Pre-convo photograph! Hehehhe. Next, you guys can ready for the convocation day! Yehuuuuu! :)


Come early if you are in SIDANG 1. Seriously, there will be a lot of people there! Parents, the photograph, lecturer and you and your colleagues so don't be late because you will regret when you comes its really crowd.If you take a photo studio that has been booked. It is better if you go to shoot first because if you go after finished SIDANG 1 you will be boring while queuing.


Don't forgot to give the JUBAH back and waited for your graduation picture arrive! Hahaha.

Much Love,

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