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Didi Adiba ♥
Our Second Month :)
Saturday, March 10 | 8:26 AM | 0 Talking ♥

Im happy withyouuu :) Macam-macam kita dah through together kan? Susah, senang, nangis, ketawa, semuanyaaaaa laaa :) Hii, thanks for everything Mydear :) You had complete mylife. You are my Enemy, my Friend, my Brother, my Boyfriend and my life. You are my everythingg. Org hargai apa yg dy dah buat kat org. You never say No and always say Yes even it's too hard to realise what I wantt. Haehh, You are one and only my Singaa Bobo. Iloveyouuuuu

much love,

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Hello Earthlings! Im Didi Adiba. Thanks for stop at My officially page :D Leave your Footprints at my BabyBox. Be Nice here darlingg :* :)


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Iloveyou. Imissyou. Ineedyou Singaa. Muahhhhh
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