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Saturday, January 14 | 4:36 PM | 0 Talking ♥

It's all happen suddenly. I never thought it will happen. so deserve. Ohmineee! I'm still in a state of trauma. When I past last there, I will cry and I feel resentful. You are so cruel babe. I hate you? Yess, so much. But it already happen and it the most painful event in mylife. I feel like Erghhhh, You're so annoying nd severe boy! --'

I feel like I went far away and forget everything about this black event. You owe me and Him. Tak sanggup nak berdepan dengan budakII kerja, jiranII yang tahu kejadian nh. Ohminee! I hate the way you slap myFace, i hate the way you drag me and the way you pull myhand. I also hate the way you beat him using a helmet until the bleeding. I never forget it babe. Thanks and Sorry for everything. Please stay away from mylife. Takecare yourself :')

much love,

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